"I applaud for this espan140 bridge solution site. It is a great service to structural engineers when so many firms preciously hold onto such designs as proprietary and do not share. The fact that you graciously provide such service is commendable. Congratulations on your foresight and excellence."
Anthony Gravagne - Structural Concepts Inc (Arizona)

"2012 Modern Steel Construction Hot Product"

"eSpan140 provides county engineers with all of the information necessary to select a cost-effective steel bridge or culvert customized to their specific project needs."
Mark Servi - President-Elect, National Association of County Engineers 

"eSpan140 gives me a fast and cost-effective way to design short span steel bridges. I have confidence in these designs..."
Brian Keierleber, Buchanan County Iowa, Chairman of the NACE Structure Committee

"Tremendously useful information and very clearly presented."
Peter Taylor, Ph.D., P.Eng., PE Principal, Buckland & Taylor Ltd. (keynote at NASCC)