Approximately 309,247 (52%) of the bridges in the United States are classified as a city/county/township bridge (short span bridges). Approximately 83,479, or 27%, are structurally deficient or functionally obsolete.  The bridge industry is quickly moving towards prefabricated and modular bridges as the preferred method of bridge construction. Accelerated bridge design and construction are areas of high importance to bridge owners. Standardization of design is extremely important to be competitive in this market – as is education and technical support of bridge owners and designers.  The Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance is working to support the needs of the bridge community through the development of educational and technical resources.

Steel offers solutions to any type of crossing.  Short span steel bridges and culverts can be built quickly, using local crews, and can be designed using prefabricated components which are simple to install and offer considerable cost savings.  Steel offers a long service life with minimal maintenance, and provides unmatched sustainable benefits.

Learning Center provides further insight into the unique benefits of short span steel bridges and culverts.

  • Steel Advantages identifies the key components which make steel the obvious choice for all short span crossings.
  • Sustainability provides facts, figures, and resources explaining the sustainable benefits of steel….the most recycled material in North America.
  • Research contains a growing list of various steel projects which explore specific pieces of bridge research and development.
  • Blog is an interactive forum containing articles and information on short span steel bridge related topics. This site is constantly updated and provides users with the ability to comment on topics of interest.
  • Technical Design Resources contains various resources to assist in the design and construction of short span steel bridges.