New Video is Released on the Benefits of Steel Buried Bridges

WASHINGTON D.C., February 6, 2017 – The residents of Buchanan County, Iowa have a new, durable and cost-effective steel buried bridge in place to handle traffic from their cars, trucks and heavy farm equipment. The new 200th Street Bridge replaces the original wooden structure built in 1956 and is the subject of a five-minute video produced for the National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association (NCSPA), Big R Bridge, and the Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance (SSSBA). The video can be viewed at

The 200th Street Bridge was constructed by a local four-man crew using their own equipment with no prior experience constructing steel buried bridges. Buchanan County Engineer Brian Keierleber, P.E. cited the use of a local crew and ease in construction as primary reasons for his selection of this type of bridge design. 

Produced by Hawk City Productions, the video includes interviews with Brian Keierleber; Joel Hahm, P.E., senior engineer from Big R Bridge; and Eric Zieser from Zieser Construction, the contractor.  It includes discussion on the overall benefits of this type of bridge system, as well as technical details on why it was selected for this particular project. Steel buried bridges offer a viable and economical alternative for federal, state, regional and local Departments of Transportation. 

“We partnered on this project to get the word out on the many advantages of steel buried bridges, which can serve as an alternative design option in almost all cases where a traditional bridge is used, especially in the 25-foot to 80-foot span range,” said Mike McGough, Director of Technical Services at NCSPA. 

Joel Hahm, P.E., from Big R Bridge commented on the long-term performance benefits of steel buried bridges: “This bridge design is capable of supporting very heavy loads, such as farming and mining equipment and rail loading. The resilient buried bridge system is able to do this through the proven benefits of soil-structure interaction, where the backfill and structure work together to support the load.” 

Rich Tavoletti, director of the Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance, said that the video also introduces eSPAN140, a free-to-use, web-based short span steel bridge design tool developed by the SSSBA and its partners. eSPAN140 delivers customized preliminary design solutions for rolled beam, plate girder and steel buried bridges based on only three inputs from the user. The design tool also includes the names of contacts that can design and build the bridge and provides access to complimentary design support during the project. Users can access eSPAN140 at

About the National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association
Established in 1956, NCSPA seeks to promote sound public policy relating to the use of corrugated steel drainage structures in private and public construction. It collects and distributes technical information; assists public and private agencies in the formulation of specifications and designs; encourages greater knowledge of corrugated steel pipe’s benefits and uses among college engineering students; and conducts seminars to increase awareness of the product and its application among specifiers. For more news or information, visit or follow @corrugatedsteel on Twitter.

About Big R Bridge
Big R Bridge is a world leader in developing innovative engineered solutions in prefabricated bridges, structural plate, buried bridges, MSE wall systems and corrugated pipe. The company has supplied prefabricated bridges and custom-engineered products across America and internationally for more than 45 years, with more than 10,000 installations to date and over 300 bridges manufactured per year. For more news or information, visit or follow on LinkedIn.

About the Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance 
The SSSBA provides essential information to bridge owners and designers on the unique benefits, innovative designs, cost competitiveness, and performance related to using steel in short span installations up to 140 feet in length. SSSBA partners comprise bridge and culvert industry leaders, including manufacturers, fabricators and representatives of related associations and government organizations. For more news or information, visit or follow @ShortSpanSteel on Twitter.

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