Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance Releases Two New Video Webinars

Topics address simplified design and life cycle cost issues

WASHINGTON D.C., February 7, 2018 – The Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance (SSSBA) has released two new educational webinars: 1) “Simple Span Bridge Design With eSPAN140” and 2) “Historical Life Cycle Costs of Steel and Concrete Girder Bridges.” Both video webinars were developed and presented by Professor Michael Barker, Ph.D., P.E. at the University of Wyoming. The video webinars are available to view on the home page of the SSSBA website,

“Simple Span Bridge Design With eSPAN140” provides preliminary simple-span and modular designs for steel bridges up to 140 feet using the free web design tool eSPAN140, which can be accessed at The tool enables bridge owners and designers to compare steel and concrete structures to help them make informed choices about upcoming projects. Michael Barker explains how to use eSPAN140 for plate girder and wide flange shapes, and showcases three completed county and state bridges designed with it. 

“Historical Life Cycle Costs of Steel and Concrete Girder Bridges” answers a question that Dr. Barker has consistently received from bridge owners throughout his career regarding the life service and life cycle costs of steel vs. concrete bridges. His answers have always been anecdotal due to a lack of industry data, so he conducted his own comprehensive study to answer these questions with facts. In the video webinar, he discusses the study’s objectives, data collection process and database development; provides an analysis of the bridge costs; and shares some interesting conclusions. 

These two video webinars are part of a series. Dr. Barker’s first educational video webinar was on “Short Span Steel Bridge Economy,” which is also available to view on the SSSBA website at

The video webinars introduce viewers to the benefits of designing and constructing short span steel bridges, including reduced costs, accelerated bridge construction (ABC) techniques, improved environmental characteristics and sustainability, and reduced maintenance. They are important educational tools for bridge owners, county engineers, and state and local Department of Transportation officials who are looking for time and cost efficiencies to help them meet an increasing backlog of bridge repair and replacement projects. 

The Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance provides essential information to bridge owners and designers on the unique benefits, innovative designs, cost competitiveness, and performance related to using steel in short span installations up to 140 feet in length. SSSBA partners comprise bridge and buried soil steel structure industry leaders, including manufacturers, fabricators and representatives of related associations and government organizations. For more news or information, visit or follow us on Twitter @ShortSpanSteel or on Facebook at

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