Self Propelled Modular Transporters


The Federal Highway Administration's Highways for LIFE program's major objectives is lessening the time of construction. One method to shorten the time of bridge construction is self propelled modular transporters. This system is a transportation method used to move the new bridge structure to the job-site and/or remove the old bridge structure from the job-site. Self propelled modular transporters are made up of a combination of multi-axle platforms that are operated through state-of-the-art computer systems. They are designed to lift, carry and set very large loads precisely into the final position then quickly leave the job-site to re-open the area to traffic. These transporters are able to move the bridge structures (prefabricated bridge systems) in or out of place in minutes or hours. Besides the savings of reducing the construction cost, the use of this system has the added benefits of: Reducing traffic disruption, Improving work-zone safety, and Minimizing impact to the environment. Examples of bridge sections being transported and installed by self propelled modular transporters are shown in Figure 59 and Figure 60. [1] [2]

Figure 59 Self Propelled Modular Transporter [36]

Figure 60 Transportation of Bridge Segment Using Self Propelled Modular Transporter [49]


Self propelled modular transporters are used to transport, lift and maneuver bridges/bridge sections either on to or off of the bridge site. [2]


For this construction method, the entire bridge is essentially constructed in the staging area and transported to the bridge site. Most of the construction is actually performed in the controlled conditions of the staging area. [2]


This bridge technology is good for when a fully-prefabricated bridge superstructure/decking is used for a bridge that is on a road that has a large value on traffic interruption. It can quickly remove and replace a section of bridge with the travel way only being out of commission for hours instead of days or months.

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