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The Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance seeks new members who are dedicated to growing the short span bridge market for steel. There are two membership categories – SSSBA Partners and SSSBA Associate Members.

Dan Snyder and Brian Keierleber

Brian Keierleber (Buchanan County, IA) and Dan Snyder (Director, SSSBA)

SSSBA Partners (FREE for a limited time):

This category is for companies and organizations that want to take full advantage of the benefits offered by the Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance, which include:

  • Networking opportunities with other industry leaders to discuss topics related to the growth of the short span steel bridge market.
  • Listing in the web-based eSPAN140 “Solutions Book,” with the ability to provide specific product information that correlates with the user’s search criteria.
  • Access to qualified leads from bridge owners and designers as generated by searches within eSPAN140.
  • Access to the SSSBA exhibit booth (display product brochures and logo at the booth).
  • Opportunities to speak about short span bridge-related topics at various trade shows, conferences, and workshops throughout the year.
  • Increased company exposure through SSSBA’s marketing outreach, including the website, email newsletters, webinars and more.
  • Opportunities to participate in SSSBA’s media relations program, including by-lined articles and expert columns in industry publications.

    Michael Barker

    Michael Barker (middle), leads the SSSBA Bridge Education Center

SSSBA Associate Members (FREE for a limited time):

This category is for companies and organizations with special interest in a specific area of the short span steel bridge market, or that want to participate in a limited amount of activities. The benefits include:

  • Listing as a “Corresponding Member” on the SSSBA website.
  • SSSBA membership newsletter.
  • International membership organizations (outside of North America) may be eligible exclusively for this category.
  • Individual companies outside of North America are not eligible for participation as a member of the SSSBA at this time.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the SSSBA, please contact Dan Snyder at 301-367-6179 or send an email to