Taking on America’s Infrastructure Challenge, One County at a Time

The Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance (SSSBA) has developed design tools and educational sessions for county engineers, bridge owners and designers to equip them to move forward. Steel is an optimal material for short span bridges, ensuring durability, speed of design and construction, ease of installation, light weight, the use of local crews, cost-effectiveness and time efficiencies.

The SSSBA is now offering customized virtual and in-person workshops for counties, DOTs, and design firms.  If you are interested in obtaining more information, or scheduling a customized workshop for your state/county or organization, please click here for more information.

Additional tools and educational options:

  • eSPAN140 – A free, web-based design tool that provides customized short span steel bridge solutions in less than five minutes. To access this tool, users go to; type in the parameters for their projects such as span length, width and the number of striped traffic lanes; and receive customized preliminary designs and the names of suppliers and fabricators who can take the project from concept through completion. Since 2012, more than 1,300 preliminary designs have been generated by eSPAN140.
  • Short Span Steel Bridge Workshops – The SSSBA offers complimentary educational on-site workshops specifically for county engineers, state DOTs, and design firms. The half-day (or full day) workshops provide practical information on the safe and cost-effective design, detail, fabrication and installation of short span steel bridges (under 140 feet)―including information on standardized designs developed by the bridge industry. Learn more.
  • Steel Bridge Forum – The SSSBA supports the National Steel Bridge Alliance (NSBA) to conduct one-day Forums that cover short-, medium- and long-span steel bridge design, and associate research. The Steel Bridge Forums are conducted throughout the U.S. and are ideal for Departments of Transportation.
  • National/Regional Bridge Conferences – SSSBA representatives and county engineers discuss short span steel bridge design and construction at several conferences throughout the year. Our experts are available to provide presentations on topics specific to bridge design and construction.
  • Webinars – The SSSBA hosts one-hour webinars on short span steel bridge design that are eligible for Professional Development Hours (PDHs), conducted by Dr. Michael Barker at the University of Wyoming, Dr. Karl Barth at West Virginia University, Dr. Greg Michaelson at Marshall University and special guest speakers. Learn more.
  • Project Assistance –The SSSBA offers complimentary design support for questions relating to bridge and buried soil steel structure design. The topics include standard design and details of short span bridges (plate girder and rolled beams, buried bridge, press brake tub girders), prefabricated short span steel solutions, durability solutions, and more.
  • Case Studies and Videos – Efficiencies in design, cost and time on specific projects are documented in case studies on the SSSBA website.

SSSBA Educational Resources

Best Practices for Construction

Video: 5 Frequently Asked Steel Bridge Questions

This video discusses the most frequently asked questions about short span steel bridges.

NSBA Webinar

The Science and Art of FEA Modeling

This webinar will explore some of the frequent modeling issues encountered when creating FEA models of steel bridges.

Galvanize It

January 27: Free Webinar – Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel and Sustainable Development

The American Galvanizers Association invites you to attend a 1-hour webinar on hot-dip galvanized steel and sustainable development.

Best Practices for Construction

Video: Best Practices During Construction

This video provides an overview of the best practices during construction for short span steel bridges.

Student Steel Bridge Lecture Series

February 23-March 11, 2021: Free Steel Bridge Student Lecture Series

Three-week online series offered in February/March will help build knowledge and resumes.

14 Reasons to Use Steel Bridges

14 Reasons to Use Structural Steel For Bridges

Here are 14 reasons why steel provides an economical and sustainable choice for the repair or replacement of bridges.

Steel Bridge Virtual Learning

It’s Back to (Virtual) School Time with Free Steel Bridge Education!

Take advantage of these free steel bridge virtual learning opportunities to advance your resume, academic pursuits, or career.

Truss Steel Bridge

Advantages of Steel Truss Bridge Construction

5 advantages of constructing steel truss bridges for both short and long span crossings.

United for Infrastructure Week

Video: United for Infrastructure Webinar – Accelerated Steel Bridge Showcase

Video presentation highlights several steel bridge projects that featured accelerated bridge design and construction.

SSSBA Steel Bridge Education Workshops

Free Customized Workshops for Counties, DOTs, and Design Firms

The SSSBA now offers free customized in-person or vitual workshops for bridge owners and designers.

Steel Bridge Fabrication

Video: Suggested Fabrication Details, Part 2

This video provides an overview of simple and economical practices specific to girder fabrication.

Steel Bridge Fabrication

Video: Suggested Fabrication Details, Part 1

This video provides an overview of simple and economical fabrication for framing system layouts.

Understanding Fatigue of Steel Bridges

Video: Understanding Fatigue

This video provides a basic overview of fatigue theory and relevant specifications related to short-span steel bridges.

Basics of Limited States

Video: Basics of Limit States and LRFD Bridge Design

This video provides an introduction to the basics of limit state design and how engineers design and detail bridges.

Shelter In Place Webinar Series

Steel Bridge 7-Part Webinar Series

Collection of 7-videos recorded from a webinar series hosted by the SSSBA on solutions for cost-effective steel bridges.

Contech - Buried Bridge - California

What You Should Know About Buried Bridges

Joel Hahm, Contech Engineered Solutions, provides an expert Q&A on buried bridges.

Myths and Realities of Steel Bridges

Steel Bridge Construction: Myths & Realities

Report dispels the “myths” surrounding the use of steel in bridge construction.

Steel Buried Bridge

Hidden in Plain Sight–the Design, Cost and Maintenance Advantages of Steel Buried Bridges

Steel buried bridges are durable and resilient, with the ability to support very heavy loads.

Steel Bridge Workshop

2020-2021: Steel Bridge Forums

The National Steel Bridge Alliance’s Steel Bridge Forums are full-day immersive seminars on current design and fabrication topics for steel bridges.