University Outreach

The SSSBA Provides Educational Opportunities for Students

Student Education

The SSSBA offers educational opportunities for students.

Students with knowledge of innovative solutions to fix our nations 56,000+ structurally deficient bridges are in vital demand.

In response to the impending need for an educated future workforce, the Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance has created free educational opportunities and resources to cover the many aspects of designing, fabricating, and constructing steel bridges.

Some of the free educational opportunities include:

  • 6-part online live lectures series from the University of Wyoming which covers the various aspects of designing, fabricating, and constructing steel bridges (offered 2-3 times per year). The course is taught by Dr. Michael Barker, University of Wyoming, who has over 30 years of experience in bridge design and construction. All participates who successfully complete the education series  receive a Certificate of Completion from the University of Wyoming.
  • Free attendance to the Short Span Steel Bridge Workshops held at various Departments of Transportation and universities throughout the United States (2-4 per year).
  • Access to Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance guest speakers (available upon request) to present bridge design, construction, and durability information to graduate and undergraduate programs.

University Events and Outreach Resources

Student Steel Bridge Lecture Series

February 23-March 11, 2021: Free Steel Bridge Student Lecture Series

Three-week online series offered in February/March will help build knowledge and resumes.

Shelter In Place Webinar Series

Steel Bridge 7-Part Webinar Series

Collection of 7-videos recorded from a webinar series hosted by the SSSBA on solutions for cost-effective steel bridges.