Short Span Steel Bridges are Built to Last

Weathering Steel Bridge

Weathering steel has a good track record for long-term performance.

When compared to all other materials, steel has the greatest ability to maintain strength and integrity during extreme events.

Even in corrosive environments, advanced steel grades and coatings can protect steel for 100+ years.

  • Steel is highly resistant to extreme natural disasters, such as earthquakes. Example: 1994 Northridge, CA earthquake, which destroyed the surrounding transportation infrastructure. However, 96% of the existing steel bridges were completely undamaged, even though they were designed using 1940s technology.
  • Steel bridges are not subject to shrinkage or creep under load over time.
  • Weathering, A709-50CR, paint, metalizing, and galvanized coatings protect structural steel and add longevity to the bridge.
  • A durable and nonporous material, steel provides value and a significant return on investment.

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