Steel Has The Solution

Short span steel bridges can be built quickly, using local crews, and often can be designed with prefabricated elements which provide a simpler installation and cost savings.

Steel Bridge Measurments

This table from a Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance presents the types of steel superstructures that can be applied to all bridge spans included in the short span range. Click on the image to enlarge the table.

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Sandwich Plate System Deck

12 Reasons to Use SPS Bridge Decks

The Sandwich Plate System is a structural composite material used for bridge decks that is up to 70% lighter than reinforced concrete.

Cannelville Road Bridge

Press Brake Tub Girders Accelerate U.S Infrastructure Rebuilding

Forming process is a viable, efficient, economical solution to replacing aging bridges

Steel Expedites Replacement of Washed Out Bridge in South Dakota

TrueNorth Steel expedites the production of twin 120″ x 86′ long 5 x 1 galvanized culverts with two 30 degree skewed headwalls.

Steel Structural Plate

Contractor Saves $15,000 With Steel Structural Plate Arch

The 9’-0” x 3’-10½” single- radius steel structural plate arch was assembled by the contractor and installed in only two days.

Boggs Road Bridge Steel

Ohio County Accelerates Cost-Effective Bridge Replacements With Steel

County saves over $10,000 using galvanized steel beams over concrete box beams.

Rolled Beam Short Span Steel Bridge

Steel Bridge Improves Habitat Conditions for Fish and Wildlife

A 75-foot single span rolled beam bridge in Oregon improves habitat conditions for fish and wildlife by restoring natural stream hydrology.

Truss Steel Bridge

Advantages of Steel Truss Bridge Construction

5 advantages of constructing steel truss bridges for both short and long span crossings.

steel buried bridge Captain William Henry Moore Bridge

Project Spotlight: Captain William Henry Moore Bridge

A 75 ft span x 15 ft rise buried steel bridge was constructed over a creek crossing in Alaska.

Press Brake Tub Girder West Virginia

Turning a Challenge Into an Innovative Design Solution

West Virginia Department of Highways constructs states first press-brake-formed steel tub girder bridge.

Galvanized Steel Bridge - AGA

Time to First Maintenance Chart for Hot-Dip Galvanized Coatings

Chart provides a visual representation of the time to first maintenance for hot-dip galvanized steel.

Zinc Coating Life Predictor

Zinc Coating Life Predictor

Tool calculates atmospheric corrosion rates of zinc coatings using a corrosion database and five environmental parameters.

Press Brake Tub Girders - West Virginia

Research Reports: Development and Experimental Testing of Press Brake Tub Girders

Seven volume research report on the development and testing of steel press brake formed tub girders.

Press Brake Tub Girder

Press Brake Tub Girders Featured in “Bridge Structures” Journal

An article highlighting press brake tub girders is published in a key bridge journal.

Iowa County Saves Costs by Choosing Buried Steel Bridge for Replacement Project

Buried steel bridge is constructed with local crews in Buchanan County Iowa.

Pedestrian Bridge - Pennsylvania

Weathering Steel Pedestrian Bridge Provides Beautiful Connection for People and Park Area

Weathering steel 32-foot span pedestrian bridge constucted to blend in with the environment.

Amish Sawmill Bridge - Lead Image

Amish Sawmill Bridge: An Innovative Steel Solution for Short Span Bridge Design

Buchanan County Iowa receives IBRC grant to constuct a press brake tub girder bridge.

Contech - Buried Bridge - California

What You Should Know About Buried Bridges

Joel Hahm, Contech Engineered Solutions, provides an expert Q&A on buried bridges.

Boone County Bridge Missouri

Plate Girder Short Span Steel Bridge is Built Using Design From eSPAN140

The High Point Lane bridge in Missouri was built utilizing preliminary designs generated from eSPAN140.

Research Report: An Assessment Of Weathering Steel Bridges In West Virginia

Report provides an assessment of the performance of the weathering steel bridges in West Virginia.

Sheet Wall Abutments

Sheet Pile Wall Abutments

Steel sheet piles prevents scour from becoming a problem.

Driven Steel Pile

Driven Steel Piles

H-Piles beams are driven in the ground for deep foundation applications.

Precast Concrete Piles

Precast Concrete Piles

Precast piles are made of prestressed concrete that are driven into the ground by means of a diesel or hydraulic hammer.

T-Wall Precast Modular Retaining Wall System

T-WALL® Retaining Wall System

T-WALL® is a gravity retaining wall system, consisting of modular precast concrete units and select backfill.

Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil-Integrated Bridge System

Geosynthetically Confined Soil Wall Abutment

GRS consists of closely-spaced layers of geosynthetic reinforcement and compacted granular fill material for supporting bridge abutments on low-volume roads.

Integral Abutments

Precast Concrete Integral Abutments

Integral abutment bridges are structures where the superstructure and substructure movetogether to accommodate the required translation and rotation.

Precast Concrete Cap Beam

Precast concrete cap beams are the most common prefabricated elements in bridge substructures.

Texas Public Works Uses Prefabricated Bridge for Replacement Project

Contractor uses press brake tub girder for its ease of construction and short lead time (less than 8 weeks).

Saving Time in Michigan with Press-Brake-Formed Steel Tub Girders

St. Clair County Michigan Uses Press Brake Tub Girders for ABC Project.

Modular Precast Wall Systems

Modular Precast Wall Systems

Integral abutment bridges are structures where the superstructure and substructure movetogether to accommodate the required translation and rotation.

Press Brake Steel Tub Girders

History and Overview of Press Brake Tub Girders

The press-brake-formed tub girder is a recently developed technology for short span bridge applications.

Audrain County Steel Bridge

Short Span Shake-Up

Missouri short span bridge study finds steel saved 25% over concrete.

Cedar Creek Fish Passage Restoration

Cedar Creek Fish Passage Restoration Del Norte County, California

Video of a modular bridge installation that took place for the replacement of a culvert in a California fish passage.

OH Bridge - Muskingum County

Research Report: Life Cycle Costs Matter When Comparing Steel and Concrete Girder Bridges

Dr. Barker developed a database to determine and compare the life cycle costs of steel and concrete girder bridges.

Turning a Challenge Into an Innovative Design Solution

The Amish Sawmill Bridge in Iowa is the first steel press-brake-formed tub girder bridge in service in the United States.

Steel Buried Bridge

Hidden in Plain Sight–the Design, Cost and Maintenance Advantages of Steel Buried Bridges

Steel buried bridges are durable and resilient, with the ability to support very heavy loads.

Sandwich Plate System Bridge Deck

Sandwich Plate System Deck

SPS is a structural material of two metal plates with a polyurethane elastomer core.

Steel Orthotropic Decks

Steel Orthotropic Decks

Orthotropic decks are composed of a steel plate that is covered by a shop-installed roadway surface.

Precast Partial Deck

Partial Depth Precast Concrete Deck Panels

Partial-depth concrete panels span between girders and act as stay-in-place forms for cast-in-place concrete.

Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bridge Deck

Fiber Reinforced Polymer Decks

Open grid decks can be described as small-scale steel framing systems used as a bridge deck.

PBTG Modern Steel Construction

“Tub Time” – Modern Steel Construction

A new report showcases the development of press brake-formed tub girder bridges.

Cannelville Road Bridge

Innovative Bridge Design Saves Months in Construction Schedule

Muskingum County (Ohio) uses press brake tub girder bridge for accelerated bridge project.

Press Brake Steel Tub Girder - Dr. Barth and Dr. Michaelson

County to Save $100,000 Using Innovative Steel Design for Bridge Replacement Project

Press Brake Formed Tub Girder (PBTG) provides cost-effective option for a County in Iowa.

Missouri DOT Selects Steel for 45 Foot Span Bridge in Scott County

Galvanized rolled steel beam beat out concrete by 2.5 percent in this Missouri DOT project.

Concrete/Steel Hybrid Decks

Concrete/Steel Hybrid Decks

Steel hybrid decks consist of an open grid deck and full depth precast deck panel.

Open Grid Deck

Open Grid Decks

Open grid decks can be described as small-scale steel framing systems used as a bridge deck.

Precast Deck Slabs

Full Depth Precast Deck Slabs

Full depth precast deck slabs are one of the most common prefabricated deck systems.

Midland County Road Commision, MI

Midland County Bundles Innovative Steel Bridge System and Saves Big

The new Orr Road Bridge in Midland County, Michigan, is a press brake fabricated steel bridge.

Timber Decks

Timber Deck Panels

Timber decks are primarily used on low-volume roadways, but the same design idea can be applied to larger-volume roads as well.

Ohio Bridge Raises the Bar for Future Short Span Construction

The Cannelville Road Bridge in Ohio was completed ahead of schedule, and is expected to have a service life of more than 100 years.