Prefabrication Improves the Efficiency of Bridge Design and Construction.

Prefabricated Truss BridgeSeveral methods of prefabricated, or modular bridge technology, are in use to build better-quality bridges faster. The use of these different methods applies to the substructure, superstructure and deck systems. The benefits of prefabricated bridges include:

  • Improvement in the efficiency of bridge design and construction.
  • Improved bridge site safety.
  • Decrease in the disruption of traffic during construction.
  • Improvement in the quality of construction.
  • Reduced environmental impacts and life cycle costs.

Some modular bridge systems combine sections such as the superstructure and the deck surface, so the element can be transported as one unit to the bridge site. Equipment has been developed specifically to transport and install prefabricated bridge sections.

If you are looking for a prefabricated bridge supplier, please see Find-a-Supplier for a complete company directory.

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