Steel Pedestrian Bridges Can Enhance the Landscape both Aesthetically and Environmentally

Steel is widely accepted as the primary structural material in pedestrian bridge applications. There are established standards for design and fabrication, providing confidence in specifying steel.

Most steel pedestrian bridges are built using shop-fabricated truss systems. These bridges are available in a variety of truss types and configurations, and are designed using typical details for a site-specific plan. There are opportunities to use steel girders made from either wide flange shapes or plate girders.

Steel Pedestrian Bridge

Steel pedestrian bridges can clear spans from 20 to 225+ feet in single or multiple span configurations. Photo credit Wheeler

Steel designs meet all the requirements of pedestrian and combined recreation applications, including maintenance vehicle loadings. Girder designs accommodate spans from 10 feet to 100 feet. Truss applications range from 20 feet to 250 feet. Hybrid arch/truss or cable stay/suspension designs have been used for spans in excess of 300 feet.

For a list of manufacturers and suppliers of pedestrian bridges, please see Find-A-Supplier on the SSSBA website.

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Pedestrian Bridge - Pennsylvania

Weathering Steel Pedestrian Bridge Provides Beautiful Connection for People and Park Area

Weathering steel 32-foot span pedestrian bridge constucted to blend in with the environment.