Press Brake & Folded Plate

Folded and Press Brake Options for Accelerated Bridge Construction

Press Brake Tub Girders (PBTG) and Folded Steel Plate Girders (FSPG) provide an economical alternative for simple and short span bridge construction. These innovative yet simple models provide a long service life, requires little maintenance, and are designed for accelerated project delivery.

  • PBTG consists of modular galvanized shallow trapezoidal boxes fabricated from cold-bent structural steel plate. The concrete deck is recommended to be precast on the girder and the modular unit can be shipped by truck to the bridge site. The system utilizes standard plate widths (based on availability) and is optimized to achieve maximum structural capacity, with most of the steel in the bottom flange and increased torsional stiffness. It is a closed system, since the girder is closed at the bottom, and is versatile for multiple-deck options. PBTG are “open source”, meaning the design is open to all manufacturers for fabrication.

    Press Brake Tub Girder Steel Bridge

    The press brake tub girder is closed at the bottom – making it versatile for multiple-deck options.

  • FSPG are fabricated from a single steel plate of uniform thickness that is then bent along multiple lines using a hydraulic metal press break to form an inverted tub shaped section. The plate thickness of either 3/8 in. or 1/2 in. can accommodate all span lengths by simply changing the location of the bends.  The innovative, patented design eliminates the need for internal and external cross-frames because the design generates a large amount of lateral stiffness. The open bottom geometry of the folded steel plate girder makes the inspection of the quick and easy. For more information, contact CDR Bridge Systems.

    The folded steel plate girder is open at the bottom making inspection quick and easy.

If you are looking for a press brake or folded plate bridge supplier, please see Find-a-Supplier for a complete company directory.

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