Steel Bridge and Buried Soil Structure Industry Leaders

Short Span Steel Bridge AllianceThe Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance (SSSBA) is a group of bridge and buried soil steel structure industry leaders who have joined together to provide educational information on the design and construction of short span steel bridges in installations up to 140 feet in length.

SSSBA’s objective is to provide essential information to bridge and highway professionals on the varied and innovative steel solutions available to solve their short span bridge design and construction challenges.

Short span bridges are the most common types of bridge structures. Using steel can save time and costs.

The SSSBA is active in providing:

  • Education (webinars, workshops, forums, conferences)
  • Technical Resources (standards, guidelines, best practices)
  • Case Studies
  • Simple Design Tools (eSPAN140)
  • Answering Questions (Bridge Technology Center)
  • Industry Contacts/Providers
  • Innovative & Accelerated Bridge Construction Options

For more information or to join, contact Dan Snyder at dsnyder@steel.org or 301-367-6179.