Create Simple Span Bridge Designs in 5-Minutes With eSPAN140

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eSPAN140 provides steel solutions for bridges up to 140 feet.

eSPAN140 is a free web-based tool that provides preliminary simple-span and modular designs for steel bridges up to 140 feet, allowing bridge owners and designers to compare steel and concrete structures and make informed choices.

In less than 5-minutes, eSPAN140 will provide customized standard designs for:

  • Rolled Beam Bridges
  • Plate Girder Bridges
  • Press Brake Tub Girder Bridges
  • Buried Bridges

In addition eSPAN140 will provide contacts to design and build your bridge, and access to complimentary design support.

Learn more about the details of eSPAN140 on our frequently asked questions page.

“I have confidence in these bridge designs and details, as they were developed by university researchers who are national experts,” says Brian P. Keierleber, PE, county engineer for Buchanan County, Iowa. “eSPAN140 gives me a design I can take to a fabricator, which saves time for me and precious funds for our county.”

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