Short Span Steel Bridge ODOT

Ohio Design Data Sheets

Topics: Design, eSPAN140

The design data sheets provide preliminary steel beam sizing and detailing information for the lengths, girder spacings, loading and other design criteria. The Ohio Department of Transportation has reviewed the use of design data sheets for use in the construction of short span steel bridges up to 140 feet in length.

Deviations from the criteria incorporated herein may necessitate modifications to girder sizes. It is the responsibility of the engineer of record to assure adherence to state and federal standards.

The design data sheets can be downloaded below. Please complete the registration from to receive future updates and information related to the design data sheets.

Download Design Data Sheets

For More Information:

Karl E. Barth, Ph.D.
Co-Director, SSSBA Bridge Technology Center
Jack H. Samples Distinguished Professor at West Virginia University

Gregory K. Michaelson, Ph.D., P.E.
Co-Director, SSSBA Bridge Technology Center
Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering at Marshall University

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