Educational Events and Resources for Professionals

Short Span Steel Bridge Workshop

The SSSBA provides workshops on the safe and cost-effective use of short span steel bridges.

Short span bridges provide vital links in the nation’s infrastructure network. Yet, nearly a quarter of these bridges are classified as structurally deficient or functionally obsolete.  This situation presents a significant challenge for cash-strapped state and local governments.

The steel industry has developed technological and design innovations for bridges under 140 feet that save significant time and costs for county and state bridge officials. The Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance offers a variety of  workshops, conference presentations, webinars, and on-demand lectures  that covers safe and cost-effective design, detail, fabrication, and installation of short span steel bridges.

Over the past 10-years, over 5,000 bridge owners and designers have learned about the cost and time advantages of short span steel bridges in SSSBA workshops and conferences throughout North America.

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Professional Events and Resources

accelerated bridge construction webinar

December 3: Free Webinar, Accelerated Bridge Construction

Exploring the benefits of steel over concrete to deliver reliable, durable, and cost-effective infrastructure.

November 24: Free Webinar, Galvanize It! Bridge & Rebar

This 2-hour course introduces you to the basics of hot-dip galvanized steel bridges and reinforcing steel.

2020 AASHTO TSP·2 Bridge Preservation Virtual Meeting Series

November 19, 2020: AASHTO TSP·2 Bridge Webinar Series, Preventing Corrosion of Steel Bridges

A free bridge webinar on methods to prevent corrosion will be presented by 3 members of the SSSBA.

Steel Bridge Virtual Learning

It’s Back to (Virtual) School Time with Free Steel Bridge Education!

Take advantage of these free steel bridge virtual learning opportunities to advance your resume, academic pursuits, or career.

United for Infrastructure Week

Video: United for Infrastructure Webinar – Accelerated Steel Bridge Showcase

Video presentation highlights several steel bridge projects that featured accelerated bridge design and construction.

SSSBA Steel Bridge Education Workshops

Free Customized Workshops for Counties, DOTs, and Design Firms

The SSSBA now offers free customized in-person or vitual workshops for bridge owners and designers.

Shelter In Place Webinar Series

Steel Bridge 7-Part Webinar Series

Collection of 7-videos recorded from a webinar series hosted by the SSSBA on solutions for cost-effective steel bridges.

Steel Bridge Workshop

2020-2021: Steel Bridge Forums

The National Steel Bridge Alliance’s Steel Bridge Forums are full-day immersive seminars on current design and fabrication topics for steel bridges.