Advances in Steel Technology Reduces the Installed and Life-Cycle Cost of Bridges

Jesup South Bridge Iowa

The Jesup South Bridge, Iowa, was designed using eSPAN140.

The Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance (SSSBA) supports and promotes innovations in highway bridge construction. Specially, using innovative steel materials and technology to reduce the installed and life-cycle costs of highway bridges.

  • Steel bridge fabricators provide a wide range of prefabricated steel bridge and buried soil structures – some can be installed in a weekend!
  • The Ohio Department of Transportation and Muskingum County were awarded an Accelerated Innovation Deployment (AID) Demonstration grant to replace a bridge using press brake tub girder (PBTG) technology with a steel Sandwich Plate System (SPS) deck.
  • New steel grades and coating technology can extend the life of a bridge to over 100 years – including advances in weathering, A709-50CR, paint, metalizing, and galvanized coating protection systems.
  • Innovative tools like eSPAN140 provide bridge professionals with the optimal, most cost-effective design for short span steel bridges.

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Sandwich Plate System Deck

SPS is a structural material of two metal plates with a polyurethane elastomer core.