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eSPAN140 Featured in Modern Steel Construction’s 2020 Hot Product Listing

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According to Modern Steel Construction, this year’s Hot Products represent the wide range of machinery, technology, and other products and services that bolster the structural steel industry.

eSPAN140 was featured in the hot software offerings category, which includes updates for newer bridge types, simplified programming
of robots, AI-driven algorithms, and optimized connection design.

eSPAN140 Bridge Buchannan County

The Jesup South Bridge in Buchanan County, Iowa, was designed using eSPAN140.

The SSSBA’s eSPAN140 is a free-to-use, interactive web-based design tool for short span steel bridges up to 140 ft long, providing bridge professionals with an all in-one resource to design rolled beam, plate girder and buried soil structures.

eSPAN140 provides standard designs and details, which expedite the overall design of the structure to ultimately reduce the overall project delivery time.

Over 5,000 preliminary design solutions have been generated by bridge owners and designers since 2012, and the online tool was updated in 2020 to include press-brake tub girder solutions and simplified buried bridge options.

It also includes design details such as elastomeric bearings, bearing stiffeners, intermediate, and end diaphragms and connections provided by SSSBA member companies.

It takes 5-minutes or less to complete your design – get started today!

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