Press Brake Steel Tub Girder - Dr. Barth and Dr. Michaelson

October 22, 2020: International Bridge Conference – Press Brake Formed Tub Girders

Dr. Karl Barth and Dr. Greg Michaelson (pictured above) will provide a presentation on press brake tub girders at the 2020 International Bridge Conference.

Please see the following for details:

Session: Design Part 2

Date/Time: October 22nd, 8:30 AM – 12:00 Noon ET

IBC 20-60: Press Brake Formed Tub Girders Prove Successful in Project with Challenging Site Constraints – Karl Barth, Ph.D., West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV; Greg Michaelson, Ph.D., Marshall University, Huntington, WV

Press-brake-formed tub girder is a new technology for short span bridge applications. In 2009, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) challenged the North American steel industry to “develop a cost-effective short span steel bridge with modular components which could be placed into the mainstream and meet the needs of today’s bridge owners, including Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC).”

The press-brake-formed tub girder system consists of modular galvanized shallow trapezoidal boxes fabricated from cold-bent structural steel plate. The concrete deck is recommended to be precast on the girder and the modular unit can be shipped by truck to the bridge site. However, the bridge can be successfully employed using deck options.

The system utilizes standard plate widths and is optimized to achieve maximum structural capacity, with most of the steel in the bottom flange and increased torsional stiffness. It is a closed system, since the girder is closed at the bottom. It is versatile for multiple-deck options.

Most recently researchers from West Virginia University and Marshall University worked on a 5-girder bridge application that was successfully constructed outside of Ranger, WV. The roadway profile incorporated both skew and super-elevation demonstrating its efficiency in situations with various challenging site constraints.

During this project the authors conducted monitoring of the girder fabrication, deck casting and UHPC closure pours during key phases of production, developed rating tools suitable for incorporation in various state DOT rating and inspection applications, and conducted physical testing and subsequent relevant analytical modeling during both erection and live-load.

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