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Want to build your own bridge? eSPAN140 is a free online design tool which provides customized steel solutions for bridges up to 140 feet.

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Find a Supplier to Build Your Next Bridge Project

Looking for suppliers that specialize in short span bridges? The SSSBA provides free access to a complete online listing of manufacturers and suppliers.

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Receive Expert Assistance For a Future Project

Do you have questions or need support for your next steel bridge project? The SSSBA offers free assistance for bridge owners and designers.

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accelerated bridge construction webinar

December 3: Free Webinar, Accelerated Bridge Construction

Exploring the benefits of steel over concrete to deliver reliable, durable, and cost-effective infrastructure.

Sustainable Steel Bridge

Sustainability of Steel in Infrastructure

Steel’s attributes, including its inherent durability and recyclability, make it vital to modern society.

Steel Expedites Replacement of Washed Out Bridge in South Dakota

TrueNorth Steel expedites the production of twin 120″ x 86′ long 5 x 1 galvanized culverts with two 30 degree skewed headwalls.

November 24: Free Webinar, Galvanize It! Bridge & Rebar

This 2-hour course introduces you to the basics of hot-dip galvanized steel bridges and reinforcing steel.


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SSSBA Steel Bridge Education Workshops

Free Customized Workshops for Counties, DOTs, and Design Firms

The SSSBA now offers free customized in-person or vitual workshops for bridge owners and designers.

Shelter In Place Webinar Series

Steel Bridge 7-Part Webinar Series

Collection of 7-videos recorded from a webinar series hosted by the SSSBA on solutions for cost-effective steel bridges.

Audrain County Steel Bridge

Short Span Shake-Up

Missouri short span bridge study finds steel saved 25% over concrete.

Big R Bridge, SuperCor Steel Box Culverts - Cape Girardeau, MO (1) copy

Smart Ways to Save Time and Money on Short Span Bridge Design and Construction

The SSSBA offers many proven cost-effective and time-saving solutions to improve infrastructure.

Steel Bridge Solution Types

Featured Videos

United for Infrastructure Week

Video: United for Infrastructure Webinar – Accelerated Steel Bridge Showcase

Video presentation highlights several steel bridge projects that featured accelerated bridge design and construction.

Steel Bridge Fabrication

Video: Suggested Fabrication Details, Part 2

This video provides an overview of simple and economical practices specific to girder fabrication.

Steel Bridge Fabrication

Video: Suggested Fabrication Details, Part 1

This video provides an overview of simple and economical fabrication for framing system layouts.

Understanding Fatigue of Steel Bridges

Video: Understanding Fatigue

This video provides a basic overview of fatigue theory and relevant specifications related to short-span steel bridges.